Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Trick For How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook Social Site

Are you fed up with everyday unwanted friend request or want to hide your profile from unknown people then you can hide your profile in facebook and google search.Whenever someone type your name or email Id in facebook search it will automatically search into its database and will show link to profile.

Is It really Possible to Hide Profile from facebook search?

Yes,you can hide your facebook profile from facebook search.Basically facebook provides you with three options as follows:-

1. Everyone can search your profile on facebook

2. Only Your friends and friends of friends can search your profile

3. Only your friends can search your profile

For those who are really frustrated by daily unwanted friends request should select either 2 or 3 option.

Here is the complete step by step tutorial with screenshots on How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook

1. Login into your facebook account.

2. Click on Account on top right side.

3. Now Click on Privacy and then on View Settings Under Connecting on Facebook heading.

4. Now you will see a lot of privacy settings and the first one being Search for you on Facebook

5. In front of Search for you on Facebook you can select any one of the three options from the drop-down box as per your need.

6. You can also change your other privacy settings from here.

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