Saturday, 12 March 2011

I Won One Million Pounds from Microsoft and It’s Too Good To Be True " True Story "

I always received e-mails notifying me that I won in the European Lotto, American Lotto, Swiss Lottery, etc. and the prizes are usually in the range of $ 250,000.00 to $ 500,000.00.
The e-mail notification:
From: “Microsoft Promotion Award Team®” <>
To: my e-mail address
Yahoo/Msn Lottery Incorporation
10 Bina Gardens,South Kensington,
London.United Kingdom.
Dear (my name)
This is to inform you that you have won a prize of  £1,000,000.00 GBP
{One Million Great Britain Pounds} for the month of February 2011.
What will I do to claim the £ 1,000,000.00?
The e-mails says:

You are to fill the below information..
FULL NAME:…………………..
You are requested to contact EVENTS MANAGER,
Mr.Thomas Lampard
Microsoft Promotion Award Team®
Phone: +44703-187- 3827
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs Tessy Castrol
Head Of Council
Verifications Dept.
I played along and replied
I filled up the requested information as stated above (not with my true info), sent it to the given address, and I contacted the Events Manager on how to get my £ 1,000,000.00 prize.
In just 2 hours, I received a response from a certain Mr. Thomas Lampard, the supposed Events Manager of Microsoft Promotion Award Team.
Mr. Lampard congratulated me profusely, and requested me to deposit £ 2,000.00 in a bank located in London, with an account number, as processing fee. This way, they could start processing of my prize and remit to my bank account without delay. He also said to deposit another £ 2,000 as clearing payment.
I responded by telling Lampard to just deduct the total amount of £ 4,000.00 from my £ 1,000,000.00 and send to my bank account the balance.
But Lampard was insistent, saying that I must deposit the £ 4,000.00 in 5 days, else, I could not get my million pounds. He reminded me that I was a very lucky guy, one in a million. He added that there’s also the possibility that Microsoft might forfeit my prize, and he insisted to deposit the £ 4,000.00.
If it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam!
Of course, I did not send the 4,000 pounds. I know that the whole thing was a scam. If it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam! The internet is full of suckers whose only intention is to get money from gullible people using the Net.
In my case, if I only counted my prize winnings in lotteries as I’ve been notified thru e-mails in just one year, I would have been a multi-millionaire, in $$$ and £££ !!!.
The e-mail schemes devised and used by some people to get money from their online victims reminds me of a famous quote attributed to P.T. Barnum, an American showman – “There’s a sucker born every minute!”
“There’s a sucker born every minute” is generally taken to mean that there will always be many gullible people in the world. So beware!

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