Saturday, 12 March 2011

Here Is The Answer Why You Should Use The Right Words When You Promote and Advertise

Many businessmen and women are wondering why their respective businesses have few customers, resulting to poor sales and profit, even though they do some kind of promotion and advertising.

 The problem lies not in advertising and promotion, but in the words you use when you promote and advertise your business, products and services.

That is why in promoting your business, you need to use the right kind of words or active language words that send a message to your customers to act, to do, a call to action.
This is how to do it:
1. Your ad must have a call to action – directed to your target market, to your customers about the benefit of the products or services that you are selling. Unless the customers are convinced of the benefits to them of your products and services, they won’t buy at all.
2. Focus on the customers. Instead of using “we” or “I”, use instead “you”.  Customers come to you hoping to buy your products or services to meet their needs, wants, and expectations, and not to listen to you talk about your business, or your pet dog, or hobbies.
3. When you communicate to your customers, don’t use common words that many others use – words that people have heard over and over again in ads and promotion.
Study the words that your competitors are using when they promote their business, products or services and don’t copy theirs. Be creative, be unique, be different vis-à-vis the profile of your target customers.
4. When you communicate to your target customers, use words that connotes excitement, service, trust, value for money, customer service, integrity.
In the final analysis, words create images, impressions, expectations. Words influence how we think, feel, do, and make decisions. Since words determine actions and reactions, use it to persuade your customers, buyers, and target market.
As such, advertising and promotion are mostly a function of words, words, words. And your words have power.

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