Saturday, 12 March 2011

Awsome Six Easy Tips on How to Turn Your Blog Visitors into Readers

A basic dictum in blogging is that any blogger worth his blog must have readers. Otherwise, what’s the use of publishing great content if no one reads it?

In addition, many bloggers want to make money from their blogs, the reason why they are running some ads, like Adsense which is a popular and giant ad network of Google.
Blog visitors vs. Customers
Whatever is your objective in blogging, whether to generate more visitors or traffic or monetize your blog by having many readers who click on your ads, it is important to convert your visitors into customers.
After all, your blog visitors may just bounce and exit right away, while your customers interact with you, read your posts and leave comments.  Customers also buy your online products and services or click your ads.
How do you turn visitors into customers?
Axandra, a search engine optimization firm, has provided six tips on how to turn your visitors into customers, as follows:
1). What is your blog all about and what’s in it for the visitor?
You have only a few seconds to keep a visitor on your page. If the visitor is not convinced within seconds that your site is worth reading, he’ll go away.
Clearly tell your website visitors which problem your product solves and why your solution is better than other solutions. This piece of information should be presented as prominently as possible.
2). Is your blog trustworthy?
Tell your visitors who you are and don’t hide your address. If possible, show customer testimonials. Show your website visitors that you are a real company and that you can be trusted.
Are you a member of an industry organization? Has your company received awards? Tell your website visitors!
3. Does your blog look professional?
Another way to create trust is to use a professional website design. Avoid clutter and extreme colors. Use a clear design that makes it easy to read your web pages.
If your website displays ads, consider if they distract your website visitors too much from the real content. Your website visitors might also wonder why your site shows ads for other companies.
4. Make it as easy as possible for your website visitors.
Tell your website visitors what you want them to do: “Download the free demo”, “Create a free account”, “Download the free white paper”, “Subscribe to our newsletter”, etc.
Focus on a single task. Don’t ask the customer to subscribe to your newsletter or to download the demo or to request more information.
Focus also on a single task and tell the visitor in great detail why it would be good for the customer to complete that task. Of course, you can use different tasks on different pages of your site.
Add user instructions to every task. The less your website visitors have to think about how to complete the task, the better.
5. Make it a risk-free experience for your customers
Emphasize your respect of privacy and remove unnecessary fields from your sign-up forms. Avoid registration forms or make the forms as short as possible.
The more fields a form has, the less people will fill it out.
Offer money back guarantees and other guarantees that show your website visitors that it is risk-free to complete a task on your website. Always deliver on your promises!
6. Give search engines what they want while pleasing your website visitors
The title and the major tag line on your web page should contain the main selling proposition of your website and one or two good keywords.
When a searches sees your website in the search results, the title will show the searcher that he has found a good match. The content on your web page should confirm and clarify this with more detail.
Increasing the conversion rate of your website is an easy way to increase your revenue without increasing the number of website visitors.
The more visitors of your website become customers, the more you will earn when your blog is listed on Google’s first results page.

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